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Although your landlord has insurance to protect the structure, Renter's Insurance  is an insurance policy that is designed to protect you, the renter.  It provides liability insurance and the tenant's personal property is covered against named perils such as fire, theft, and vandalism. It also pays expenses when the dwelling becomes uninhabitable.

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Home sweet home.
There’s no other place like it. We understand you’re protecting more than just four walls. Home Insurance with a homeowners policy will cover damage to your home and personal possessions due to a wide variety of causes.

Are You Covered?

As homeowners it’s important to think below the ground, but keep your hands clean. Rest easy knowing that not only is your home covered, but so are the things buried in your yard that make it run without hiccup. Let’s talk about service line coverage.

Covered Service Line: underground piping and wiring, including permanent connections, valves or attached devices.

  • Water piping
  • Steam piping
  • Ground loop piping
  • Sewer piping
  • Drain piping
  • Power line or electrical wiring
  • Communication or data transmission wiring – including but not limited to telephone, cable, internet and fiber optic wiring

Cost incurred from repairing a service line don’t stop at the service line itself. Coverage can help chip away at costs accumulated from replacing trees, shrubs, plants, lawn, walkways and sidewalks that are damaged during repair. It can even help elevate hotels, meals and other living expenses should you have to leave your home due to a covered loss.

Earth Movement

  • Earthquake, which includes land shock waves or tremors before, during or after a volcanic eruption;
  • Landslide, mudslide or mudflow

Just like any coverage available, there are terms and conditions to go with it.

All these threats are enough to drive a person to worry excessively, but don’t. The experts at Home Run Insurance Agency have the experience and knowhow to protect you and your family’s best interests. Please contact our licensed Home Run Insurance agents, Suzanne Meyer or Kasey Moeding or give us a call at 605.353.1274.

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